Dassehra Celebrations 2020

This Events was cancelled owing to meagre Participation

Virtual Treasure Hunt – 60 minutes

Sunday, October 25, 2020 at 6.00 pm - Play from Home

1 Family - 1 Team – 1 Registration with maximum 5 family members

The Hunt

  1. Arival country is planning a nuclear attack on India!
  2. An Indian Spy is trying to expose the rival country but his life is in danger.
  3. Solve the Clues, Save his Life, Save India and Win exciting Prizes!

How to Play - Instructions

  1. 1. Please read these Instructions carefully
  2. 2. Treasure Hunt will be played on WhatsApp
  3. 3. Whatsapp Group shall be created by www.kompete.in  of Mumbai for the registered participants only
  4. 4. Kompete shall create the Kompete Treasure Hunt Whatsapp Group
  5. 5. Clues will be shared on this WhatApp group from the Kompete Number +91-7208068002
  6. 6. Each Member of the Family Team must save this Number +91-7208068002 in their Phone as ‘Kompete Treasure Hunt’
  7. 7. One Family has to make One Registration Only
  8. 8. Each Family can have a maximum of 5 Members in the Team
  9. 9. Separate Registration is not required for every Team Member
  10. 10. Treasure Hunt comprises of Ten (10) Clues only
  11. 11. Participating Teams shall be given 1 Hour – (60 minutes) to solve the clues
  12. 12. Answers to Clues have to be submitted in the Google Form only
  13. 13. Google Form Link will be provided during the Game
  14. 14. Only one Google Form submission will be accepted per Team
  15. 15. Answers submitted on WhatsApp will not be considered
  16. 16. Teams are allowed to make use of Google
  17. 17. Team(s) which submits the Correct Answers to All the Clues within the stipulated time shall be eligible for a Prize
  18. 18. Team(s) submitting the answers first and early shall be considered for Winners and I Runner Up and II Runner Up
  19. 19. Decision of the Organisers www.kompete.in  shall be final and binding


  1. 1. Click www.kompete.in/competition-detail/70  to Register
  2. 2. Participation Charge is Rs 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only)
  3. 3. Charge of Rs 500/- = 1 Family – 1 Team of 5 Members (max)
  4. 4. Option of Debit to your Club Account is not available
  5. 5. You will receive an Acknowledgement of your Registration over email and/or WhatsApp
  6. 6. Registrations will close on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 6.00 pm

Each Member must be Ready before the Game!

  1. 1. A notepad with pen/pencil
  2. 2. Fully charged Mobile phone or iPad
  3. 3. Kompete Number +91-7208068002 saved in Contacts
  4. 4. WhatsApp downloaded and active
  5. 5. QR Code Scanner App downloaded and active (Free QR Scanner or QR Code Reader and scanner or any other free app)
  6. 6. Access to Mobile Data or WiFi for the entire Game

Help Desk

  1. 1. Treasure Hunt shall be conducted by www.kompete.in of Mumbai
  2. 2. You may contact the Kompete Help Desk for any assistance
  3. 3. Help Desk phone 022 –40273718; email – talent@kompete.in 
  4. 4. Club Office and Staff will not be able to help you as the Club has accepted a turnkey service from Kompete for this Treasure Hunt